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Accessible Recreation Options program moves forward in Alaska

December 5, 2012

With Slatin Group’s help, Southeast Alaska Independent Living’s Accessible Recreation Options (ARO) initiative has received an inaugural grant from Rasmussen Foundation. The grant will go toward continuing to develop outreach, training and support for tourism providers and tourists with disabilities visiting the region.

Slatin Group began working in April 2012 with Southeast Alaska Independent Living (SAIL), a highly regarded nonprofit based in Juneau. SAIL wants to engage the region’s huge tourism industry—some 1.5 million tourists visit Juneau (pop. 30,000) every year during the six-month season, most of them on cruise ships. Our goal: to help SAIL develop a recurring revenue stream by providing information and services on Accessible Recreation Options to the increasing population of tourists with disabilities visiting Juneau and other ports in Southeast Alaska, including Anchorage, Sitka and Ketchikan. Through this initiative, SAIL can help the region become a leading destination for accessible tourism with increased safety, comfort and recreation options for all visitors, including those with disabilities.

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