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Check Out A Digital Panoramic Tour of Empire Stores

December 22, 2020

One of my most exciting projects in 2020 was working on virtual tours of significant global real estate developments with the Urban Land Institute. These panoramic tours, including one of the award-winning Empire Stores on the Brooklyn waterfront were distributed at ULI’s Fall Meeting

Audio clips of my interviews with key project participants were combined with stunning 360-degree panoramas to create interactive digital tours that allowed users to view multiple, wide-ranging perspectives and learn key background information about each project. Along with Empire Stores, there were tours of a reclaimed brownfield transformed into a mixed-use community center, vegetable garden, educational and health clinics and artisan retail mall in Johannesburg; a rehabilitated historic district in Foshan, China; a CBD park in San Antonio; a mixed-use tower in Tokyo; a housing community on the island of Nantucket; and several projects in the Bay Area.

Other than the Empire Stores tour, these tours are available only to ULI members through its Knowledge Finder at This format—undertaken to replace the popular bus tours that take place during ULI’s in-person meetings—proved so successful that ULI is reprising it for its Spring 2021 Meeting, and we’ve just begun work on this new group, which will be rolled out this May during ULI’s Spring Meeting.

Stay tuned!

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