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Joining the Feeling Through Live Podcast

August 4, 2020

On July 31, we spent a lively hour in a wide-ranging discussion with Doug Roland, the non-disabled yet eager-to-learn creator and host of this increasingly popular podcast. It’s a spinoff of Feeling Through , a short film starring deafblindhe actor Robert Tarango that Roland produced and directed. The movie now forms the linchpin of the Feeling Through Experience an event that along with the film includes a slightly longer documentary about the making of Feeling Through, and a panel with disability advocates and disabled artists . Our conversation ranged from Slatin Group’s education and training programs with hotels and other clients to how the pandemic has bluntly introduced the isolating experience of disability and aging to the non-disabled, to other themes of ableism, ageism and social justice. View the podcast on YouTube, and on Facebook.

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