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Two days of on-site Elements of Service workshops at The Frick Collection

March 14, 2024

Even the most accessible space can become a dead zone when guest-facing employees mishandle interactions with disabled guests. The Frick Collection understands this at its core.

Chief Human Resources Officer Dana Winfield, who received New York City’s prestigious Sapolin Award in 2022 alongside our colleague, Lakshmee Lachhman-Persad, walks the walk. The Frick recently welcomed Slatin Group for two days of on-site Elements of Service workshops.

The Frick is our first fine arts space and the teams there need the same skills required in any hospitality setting. Disability inclusion is equally important for internal operations, and we held purposeful discussions centered on communication among team members. Our discussions included sign language interpreters, one of whom signed in Spanish. This practice should bee the norm, not the abnormal.

Now, with Frick Madison set to close as the renovated and expanded Frick mansion at Fifth Avenue and 70th Street moves toward reopening this Fall, we look forward to seeing how this top-flight team receives it first new visitors at its historic location.

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