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The Destination Marketing Organization Accessibility Blueprint

The Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) Accessibility Blueprint was developed by Slatin Group and to help DMOs embed the principles of accessibility within corporate culture, operations and programming, and to share this knowledge with stakeholders and other partners. Gain the tools to reach and welcome an underserved and little understood yet broad and powerful consumer base. Become a destination that is accessible to all.

The Accessibility Blueprint offers four impactful, comprehensive workshops that broaden diversity, equity and inclusion programs:

  • What Is Disability?
    Explore disability and intersectionality in relation to the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion movement and the crossover between disability and age.
  • What Is Accessibility?
    Take a deep dive into the three Foundations of accessibility: Physical/Environmental, Digital and Social. Make ADA compliance the floor rather than the ceiling of accessibility thinking and programming.
  • Internal Relations and Disability and Accessibility
    Create internal Disability Equity and Inclusion best practices and programming, from Human Resources strategies to internal communications and messaging.
  • External Relations and Disability and Accessibility
    Help stakeholders and members develop, implement and maintain accessibility policies and practices, including training and marketing. Create a strong destination-wide communications network for supporting visitors with disabilities and accessibility needs.

Our clients include:

  • NYC & Company
  • Boston USA
  • Explore Minnesota
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