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Elements of Service E-Learning Program

Elements of Service Now Available as an E-Learning Program from Slatin Media Group

Elements of Service: Serving Guests With Disabilities is an online learning program designed to train guestfacing hotel employees in best practices for serving guests with physical disabilities (vision, hearing, and mobility impairments). The goal of this course is to ensure that service providers feel confident and equipped to handle service interactions with hotel guests who are disabled—without the uncertainty, confusion, and missteps that often characterize the experience of both service providers and hotel guests with disabilities.

Who can benefit?

Hotel employees at all levels and areas of operations, from management to housekeeping; corporate management in operations, design, and human resources; meeting planners; post-secondary and high school students; and workforce agencies.


The course is divided into interactive sections by topic including:

  • Welcome/Introduction
  • Some Facts About Disabilities
  • The Five Elements of Service
  • Serving People Who Are Blind and Vision-Impaired
  • Serving People Who Are Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing (HOH)
  • Serving People Who Are Mobility-Impaired

There are knowledge checks with feedback throughout the course. A 20-question quiz at the end of the course tests understanding. The course can be completed in 30–45 minutes.


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Product profile

Download this document for a more detailed product description and the e-learning course costs.

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Course highlights

Review example screens from the online e-learning course.



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