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A Total Failure for Disabled Consumers

What first appeared to be a story of a disastrous airport trip highlighting the ongoing failure of airlines to serve travelers with disabilities has become quite something else: a cautionary tale about the easy exploitation of people with disabilities along with those working hard to integrate a still underserved population into the mainstream.... read more

Loews Regency Introduces Elements of Service

Slatin Group was excited to be invited to conduct Elements of Service workshops at the famous Loews Regency Hotel on Park Avenue in mid-September.... read more

No Barriers Summits NYC

As any traveler knows, visiting New York City can make for an exciting challenge. Leaders from the Colorado-based organization No Barriers USA are embracing that challenge—and inviting you to join them—during the 2018 No Barriers Summit, October 5–6.... read more

Sofitel NY and Plaza Leaders Receive Elements of Service Training

We were thrilled to be invited to bring Elements of Service training to their leadership this winter... read more

Accessible NYC Tours

Visitors know New York City is chockablock with terrific attractions, from famous sights like the Statue of Liberty to surprising finds like the City’s array of excellent food carts. But deciding where to go can present a bewildering challenge. One way to cut through the noise—and either see a lot of the City at once or go deep into exploring a single location—is by taking a guided tour.... read more