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Accessible NYC Tours

Visitors know New York City is chockablock with terrific attractions, from famous sights like the Statue of Liberty to surprising finds like the City’s array of excellent food carts. But deciding where to go can present a bewildering challenge. One way to cut through the noise—and either see a lot of the City at once or go deep into exploring a single location—is by taking a guided tour.... read more

Getting the Message

Our message of creating social access through excellent customer service for people with disabilities is beginning to  be heard.

... read more

A Summer to Celebrate at Slatin Group

This has been an extraordinary summer for Slatin Group in bringing forward our message of social access and inclusion for people with disabilities.... read more

Sounds of NYC’s Rubin Museum

Many NYC museums are easily accessible, offering well-placed wheelchair entrances, plenty of guided audio and in-person tours, as well as a variety of experiences tailored to people with hearing and developmental or cognitive challenges.... read more

Bringing the Elements of Service Message to Miami

We’ve been invited to present to hoteliers and HR professionals on June 20th in Miami, courtesy of the Greater Miami and the Beaches Hotel Association (GMBHA).... read more