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Elements of Service and Slatin Media Group Featured in Resy

A feature on our Elements of Service e-learning course kicks off a series of articles on improving accessibility in the Resy blog, hosted by the restaurant-management service owned by American Express.

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I Got the COVID-19 Vaccine But Don’t Feel Like Celebrating

Being grateful hasn’t stopped me from having conflicting thoughts about it

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Walking While Blind in Manhattan During the Pandemic

I was invited by @NextAvenue, a web magazine owned by @PBS and geared toward older readers, to write about my experience navigating the streets and sidewalks of Manhattan during the pandemic.

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Check Out A Digital Panoramic Tour of Empire Stores

One of my most exciting projects in 2020 was working on virtual tours of significant global real estate developments with the Urban Land Institute.

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Reopen New York’s adult day health care programs

Thanks @CityandStateNY for publishing my piece on the dangerous closing of #medicalmodel adult day health care centers in New York State, leaving thousands of shut-out patients ill, poor and alone. This is my first Op-Ed for the Encore Public Voices Fellowship with the Op-Ed Project.

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