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Check Out A Digital Panoramic Tour of Empire Stores

One of my most exciting projects in 2020 was working on virtual tours of significant global real estate developments with the Urban Land Institute.

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Reopen New York’s adult day health care programs

Thanks @CityandStateNY for publishing my piece on the dangerous closing of #medicalmodel adult day health care centers in New York State, leaving thousands of shut-out patients ill, poor and alone. This is my first Op-Ed for the Encore Public Voices Fellowship with the Op-Ed Project.

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The Presidential Debates: Inaccessible To The Deaf

A screenshot of the first debate broadcast. Three ASL  interpreters are next to Biden and Trump.'s coverage of the first presidential debate, which featured ASL interpreters for President Trump, Vice President Biden, and the moderator Chris Wallace. SEAN FORBES/DPAN.TV

“If you guys make any of my TikToks viral, pls make it this one – it’s so important.” That was the plea that young Erin Sydney Rosenfeld led off with on her now viral TikTok post as she vented her frustration during the first presidential debate on Sept. 29.

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Peter Slatin Receives 2020-21 Encore Public Voices Fellowship

I’m excited and honored to join the third cohort of this unique Fellowship from in partnership with the Op-Ed Project.

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Senate Republicans ‘Have Declared War’ On The ADA, Says Duckworth

Senator Tammy Duckworth speaks on the senate floor

The pandemic relief bill proposed by Senate Republicans in mid-August (less than two weeks after the Americans with Disabilities Act marked 30 years on the books) would gut key protections in the ADA.

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